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The topological naming issue is a complex problem in CAD modelling that stems from the way the internal FreeCAD routines handle updates of the geometrical shapes created with the OCCT kernel. As of FreeCAD 0.19 there are ongoing efforts to improve the core handling of shapes in order to reduce or eliminate such issues.

FreeCAD is a multi plaform parametric 3D modeler. The FreeCAD Link Branch is a fork of FreeCAD maintained by developer RealThunder. The branch featured numerous enhancments to the upstream FreeCAD in various aspects, most notably the user interface, rendering, and a working solution to the notorious Topological Naming problem.
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  • realthunder PartDesign Topological naming interface parent of 0000873: closed: jrheinlaender FreeCAD RefineModel() does not mark edges/faces as modified parent of 0002742: closed FreeCAD Unrelated features lost on edit. parent of 0002462: new FreeCAD Manage Object Display Order in Tree View parent of 0004112: closed PartDesign
  • As mentioned before, RealThunder's branch [0] (confusingly also called the RT branch, assembly3 branch, Link Branch, and Link Stage 3) is the most improved. It remedies FreeCAD's most serious drawback, the Topological Naming Problem (TNP), and includes many miscellaneous improvements (which do add up), some merged from other authors.
  • So much so that I have postponed my originally project and started working on improving FreeCAD instead. I began my contribution to FreeCAD community with the Path workbench and created a toolkit for PCB CNC milling and FEM study. I have since implemented many new features, such as the long wanted robust topological naming feature. I am an ...
  • This command was added for workflow with a master Sketch (there is risk of topological naming problem unless you create non-parametric copy of the master Sketch or use Realthunder's version). @realthunder, please can you recommend the right way to replace an edge with a bspline or arc or something else to avoid problems.What do think about my approach with first replace the edge into a ...
  • FreeCAD 0.20 was released on 14 June 2022, ... (there is risk of topological naming problem unless you create non-parametric copy of the master Sketch or use Realthunder's version). ... Extensive documentation can be found at the main FreeCAD Assembly3 wiki page or Realthunder's GitHub Assembly3 wiki. Main features: